Track Listing

We aim to bring HG Wells’ “The Time Machine” novel to life through a concept album containing specially composed music and lyrics, bound together by a narration of the story. Additionally, major moments in the work will be depicted in originally commissioned paintings. This work will be set in the same period and contain the same characters as in the original book and adhere to the spirit of Wells’ writing and philosophy. This is important because these social and moral ideals still have poignancy and relevance today.

A blend of rock/pop and orchestral music will set the mood, tension and nostalgia of a “steam-punk” Victorian age. This will open out into a grand and epic adventure through avant-garde sound effects to create a unique and extraordinary soundscape. I anticipate the project to take three to four years to complete. The end result will be a double album containing a musical interpretation and true accounting of “The Time Machine”. I’m convinced that a project approached in this manner will have as much commercial success as other contemporary bands today and raise awareness of Wells’ work for a new generation of enthusiasts.

Side 1

  1. Introduction [1.30]
  2. The Inventor and the Machine [4.00]
  3. The Geometry of Time [8.00]
  4. Golden Age [7.30]
  5. The Machine is Lost [2.30]

Side 2

  1. The Eternal Garden [5.30]
  2. Tell Me (Is there Beauty in Truth?) [9.00]
  3. The Strange Animal in the Ruins [7.00]

Side 3

  1. Underworld [12.00]
  2. The Expedition [4.00]
  3. In the Night [8.00]

Side 4

  1. The Palace of Green Porcelain (Part I) [6.00]
  2. The Undying Fire [11.00]
  3. The Palace of Green Porcelain (Part II) [4.00]
  4. Return to 1894 [3.30]
  5. Epilogue [1.30]
  6. Afterword [1.30]