The Palace of Green Porcelain (Part I)


We found the Palace of Green Porcelain a little before noon. The facade towered regally above us, but the building had fallen to ruin. Only jagged edges of glass remained in the huge windows and massive sheets of facing had broken away from the corroded metal framework. Above the great doors, now hanging open, was an inscription, and I briefly hoped Weena could help interpret this, but even the idea of writing was meaningless to her.

As we passed beneath the archway and into a long gallery, a thick layer of dust deadened our footsteps. In the centre, standing strange and gaunt, was the lower part of a huge skeleton — some long extinct creature. Weena quietly came across and held my hand, as I stared across the vast tiled floor and into the gloomy recesses.

Against the walls were familiar glass specimen cases containing a splendid array of fossils. This grand building was a museum! Judging from its size the museum contained more than fossils; possibly historical galleries; perhaps, even a library.

My explorations took us deeper and deeper into the vast interior. An aisle eventually led us into a colossal gallery dimly lit by narrow side windows. Magnificent globe-shaped lamps hung from the ceiling; many of them cracked or smashed, and on either side were the hulks of great machines — broken and corroded relics from a forgotten, intellectual age.

Side: 4 Track: 1 Duration: 6.00 Mood: Moody, gloomy BPM: 60 (Adagio) Key: Status: Getting there