The Palace of Green Porcelain (Part II)


I opened my eyes. Above the subsiding red of the fire, above the streaming masses of black smoke, I saw the light of the day. The Palace of Green Porcelain was nothing more than a twisted mass of black metal. I trudged across the barren landscape of smoking ashes and blackened ruins in search of Weena, but could find no trace of her.

I felt an overwhelming sorrow. Weena had surely perished in the fire. Her loss left me absolutely alone again — terribly alone. Exhausted and limping, I began the long trek back towards the hiding place of the Time Machine.

By afternoon I came within sight of the White Sphinx. Here was the same beautiful scene I had seen upon my arrival, the same abundant flowers, the same splendid palaces and ruins, and the wells like blots upon the landscape. Now I understood what all the beauty of the Upperworld covered.

Ages ago, thousands of generations ago a rich elite pursued pleasure and comfort by exploiting the helpless and the poor. Now here was the endgame of all that petty greed and selfishness: a shattered, broken world where feeble, useless Upperworlders lived in fear of the hideous creatures in the Underworld that preyed and fed upon them like fatted-cattle.

Side: 4 Track: 3 Duration: 4.00 Mood: Sombre BPM: 60 (Adagio) Key: Status: Not complete