The Machine is Lost

As I mused over the fate of Man, the moon came up in the north-east bathing the world in silver light. I could see the distant figure of the White Sphinx. There was the tangle of bushes, black in the pale light; and there was the little lawn. I looked again and cold dread crept over me. The Time Machine was gone!

I raced back down the slope taking great leaping strides. When I reached the lawn my worst fears were realised. Frantically I searched the moonlit ruins and in the black shadows amongst the bushes — there was no trace of the mechanism. I was hopelessly cut off from my own age, stranded — a strange animal in an unknown world.

Finally, exhausted and weeping in misery, I sank to the ground and fell into a restless, haunted sleep.

Side: 1 Track: 5 Duration: 2.30 Mood: Dark, Moody, fearful, intense. BPM: Key: D#m Status: Not complete.

Notes: The main theme from ‘The Geometry of Time’ recurs here with a more sinister undertone representing the threat of the Morlocks. Side One ends on an ominous note – a cliffhanger.