The Inventor and the Machine

The Time Machine was an impossibility. In the flickering light of the oil lamp it appeared warped and askew — a glimmering framework of brass and crystal — somehow unreal. But the machine was real, my own invention. As a scientist I had long understood that time is a kind of space, a fourth dimension, and with this mechanism I would escape the present moment and explore the future — discover the world set free of poverty, disease, war and see for myself the bewildering heights mankind would scale.


Side: 1
Track: 2
Duration: 4.00
Mood: Intimate, dark, moody, reflective. Ambient swirl, the delicate sound of clocks and ambient mechanical workshop sounds
BPM: 100
Key: D#m
Status: Not completed.

Notes: Two attempts made at creating this piece but neither are quite right. Need to work on the ambient soundscape to add more swirl and try Ukranian Bandura rather than guitars. The inventor (time traveler) is a solitary/lonely character feverishly researching, working and building his time machine to the early hours of the morning. The lab is crammed with weird and wonderful equipment. Racks of test tubes and glassware shimmer in the light oil-lamps and candles. Also weird mechanisms, prototype time experiments. Distorted gear mechanisms – optical illusions.