The Expedition


Now I understood Weena’s dread of the dark — darkness was the realm of the Morlocks. These loathsome and deranged creatures might once have been human servants, but that time had long since passed away. Over millennia the Underworld people had degenerated into something subterranean, inhuman and malign, and now they were returning to the surface — changed — and the Eloi feared them!

I, however, came from an age where fear does not paralyse and mystery has lost its terrors. I would defend myself, find a means of fire to use against the Morlocks and break open the doors beneath the White Sphinx. Brandishing a blaze of light before me, I would seize the Time Machine and escape with Weena!

But first we needed refuge. The tall pinnacles of the Palace of Green Porcelain came back to mind. Those polished walls might afford some security and, once inside I was convinced I would be in a better position to defend us against the Morlocks.

Carrying Weena on my shoulders, I headed south-west. She had been hugely delighted when I began to carry her, but after a time desired me to let her down, and ran beside me, occasionally darting off to pick flowers and stick them in my pockets.

We proceeded over the hill-crest towards Wimbledon and came in sight of the palace, silhouetted against the pale sky. In the stillness of evening my senses were sharpened — I fancied I could even feel the hollowness of the ground under my feet; the labyrinth of tunnels where Morlocks scurried like ants below.

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