The Eternal Garden


Next morning I awoke, aching, hungry, thirsty and in profound despair. Above me towered the sphinx; its sightless eyes seemed to watch me; it seemed to smile in mockery at my predicament. Then I noticed grooves and odd narrow footprints leading to the pedestal. The machine had been dragged inside — but by whom or, more disturbingly, by what? I resolved to find out, but first I had to find water.

As I walked my attention was drawn by the presence of certain circular wells. I came to examine one; it was curiously wrought and sheltered beneath a bronze cupola — how odd that they should still exist. I peered down into the darkness but could see no gleam of water even on lighting a match. What was their purpose…?

Presently I found myself wandering amidst a tangled waste of variegated plants with wonderfully patterned leaves, huge, sweetly scented flowers and trees bearing strange fruits. This strange, yet beautiful flora was utterly unlike anything from my own Time — surely the result of countless years of cultivation on some vast, unimaginable scale. But the process was long-neglected; the earth had become a waste garden.

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Then I heard voices. I pushed through the lush foliage and emerged into a wide, sunlit clearing. Here were a group of figures bathing in a shallow river, but one of them was weakly struggling and drifting downstream. Quickly, I waded into the water, caught her and drew her safely to land.

As she began to revive in the warmth of the sun, I was struck by her beauty. She was an exquisite creature, but indescribably frail. I also noticed a strange deficiency in her companions — none of them made the slightest attempt to help. Like children they simply stood by watching and then, after a while, seemingly unconcerned, wandered away.

Side: 2 Track: 1 Dutarion: 5.30 Mood: Light and airy with sinister undertones BPM: Key: Status: Not complete.

Notes: A puzzle a mystery with a water theme going on with sinister, dark undertones representing disturbing concerns of the traveller’s subconscious mind. This world appears beautiful, but something is wrong. Also some excitement and tension in the rescue ofWeena from drowning. This new world is a puzzle.