Return to 1894


I approached the White Sphinx. The bronze panels were open! Inside I could see the Time Machine! After all my elaborate planning I simply walked through the entrance. I checked my jacket pockets for the control levers then suddenly the panels slid shut — the Morlocks had sprung a trap!

I heard their murmuring laughter as they approached. One touched me. I made a sweeping blow and scrambled into the machine, but more of the brutes were on me. At last I fitted the lever and pulled it over. The clinging hands slipped away from me and I sped back through time.

For a long time I must have been insensible upon the machine. Then I saw the dim shadows of Victorian houses and grey streets. Soon after appeared the familiar benches with my tools and instruments just as I had left them. Gently I brought the mechanism to a stop. I was back in the present.

Side: 4 Track: 4 Duration: 3.30 Mood: Racey BPM: 144 Key: D#m Status: Not complete.