The Wellsian

It's worth mentioning that there is an H.G. Wells Society. It has an international membership, and aims to promote a widespread interest in the life, work and thought of Herbert George Wells. The society publishes a peer-reviewed annual journal, 'The Wellsian', and issues a biannual newsletter. It has published a comprehensive bibliography of Wells’s published [...]

Time Flies

I'm sure you'll have heard the saying, "Time Flies". The expression is often found written on the faces of sundials in Latin, "Tempus fugit" and originates from the poem "Georgics" written by Roman poet Virgil: "Sed fugit interea: fugit irreparabile tempus, singula dum capti circumvectamur amore." And can be translated as: "But meanwhile it flees: [...]

Yesterday’s Dream of Tomorrow

"Towards the south-west, in the direction of nineteenth-century Banstead, I observed far off, a vast structure. It was much larger than the largest ruins I knew…" In 'The Time Machine' H.G. Wells describes the architecture of the future as being "large", "vast" and "colossal". Now although I greatly admire the magnificient, epic post-apocalyptic renderings of [...]

Ruined Museums

"…the building had fallen to ruin. Only jagged edges of glass remained in the huge windows and massive sheets of facing had broken away from the corroded metal framework." Following on from my previous post, we exited the butterfly tent and went on to explore the cool, dimly lit recesses of the Natural History Museum. [...]

Like Butterflies

This photograph of my daughter (resident Time Machine artist) and her pretty little winged friend was taken inside a butterfly tent that had been temporarily erected on the lawns right outside the Natural History Museum in London. The butterflies had no airs or graces, they would assert their right to land on your shoulder, head [...]

Wells Addiction

Reading 'The Time Machine' more than rekindled my interest in Wellsian science fiction—I was burning with an almost addictive desire to read more of his work. As a boy I'd been an avid reader of 1950s sci-fi authors, such as Asimov, Clarke and Heinlein but had only read a couple of Wells's works. I'm sure [...]

The Script

Best Fit The first draft of 'The Time Machine' script, the spoken part of the Time Traveller, was written over a three month period during 2010. I read and reread the novel before beginning the subtractive process of carefully chiseling down what I considered to be poignant parts of H.G. Wells's writing, gradually honing it [...]