Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Yes, I realise there has been another long lapse in blog posts, but I have been busy beavering away, honest. 'The Time Machine' musical is a colossal project and at my current rate of progress calculations indicate it will keep me busy until the year 2525, well beyond even the most optimistic estimates for my [...]

Inside the Palace of Green Porcelain

My explorations took us deeper and deeper into the vast interior. An aisle eventually led us into a colossal gallery dimly lit by narrow side windows. Magnificient globe-shaped lamps hung from the ceiling; many of them cracked or smashed, and on either side were the hulks of great machines—broken and corroded relics from a forgotten, [...]

I’ve been away, but now I’m back

Sorry to have kept you waiting for almost a year between posts. It's the old problem of that old dragon—ulcerative colitis—stirring from his slumber again. Well after a year of avoiding stress, hospital visits, blood tests, colonoscopy, scans, drugs, lots of rest, eating well, avoiding stress—did I mention that? Well it's important—we've managed put him [...]

Musique Métallique

"The dim suggestion of my workshop fell away, there was a fleeting impression of scaffolding… then I was in the open!" No, not French for 'heavy metal' music, but music made using real metal objects, a very specific kind of Musique Concrète, a compositional technique employed by the likes of early avant-garde composers such as [...]

The Land of the Leal

"And so, in that derelict museum, upon the thick soft carpeting of dust, to Weena's huge delight, I solemnly performed a kind of composite dance, whistling The Land of the Leal as cheerfully as I could. In part it was a modest cancan, in part a step dance, in part a skirt-dance (so far as [...]

The Talented Mr Gonet

Realer than Real I had always in mind that I wanted something unique and iconic for 'The Time Machine' musical album cover, something like the "bent bell" on Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells or the prism on Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon. I was convinced the impossible cogwheel logo had potenital, that this [...]