Welcome H.G. Wells readers, steam-prog rock enthusiasts and to all fellow time travellers. You have arrived at the website of the ‘Musical Version of The Time Machine’. For many, many years it has been a dream of mine to put together a spectacular concept album based on H.G. Wells’s first and most enchanting scientific romance, ‘The Time Machine’ and it’s here you’ll discover scintillating behind the scenes information about a work in progress, sound clips, videos, articles and interviews with the people who are working to make this dream a reality—everything and anything about what makes this project tick.

Although written over one hundred years ago back in 1895 ‘The Time Machine’ is densely packed with moral and philosophical themes that still have potent poignancy and relevance today. In making this musical we aim to bring Wells’ story into vivid life, not merely to entertain you but also to expose you to the deeper, darker meanings within this tale. The musical will contain specially composed orchestral music and rock songs, bound together by a meticulously adapted narration of ‘The Time Machine’, thus setting the mood, tension and nostalgia of a ‘steampunk’ Victorian age. This will then open out into a grand and epic adventure through use of musique concrète (found sounds) and avant-garde sound effects to create a unique and extraordinary soundscape.

The result will be a double album containing a musical interpretation and true accounting of ‘The Time Machine’. Additionally, major moments in the Wells’ novella will be depicted in originally commissioned paintings. This work will be set in the same period(s) and contain the same characters as in the original book and adhere to the spirit of Wells’ writing and philosophy—authenticity is key! So sit back and enjoy the ride as we transport you back to 1894 and then into the year 802,701 to discover what will be become of mankind in the future…

—Phil Taylor March 2016