Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Yes, I realise there has been another long lapse in blog posts, but I have been busy beavering away, honest. ‘The Time Machine’ musical is a colossal project and at my current rate of progress calculations indicate it will keep me busy until the year 2525, well beyond even the most optimistic estimates for my lifespan. But there is a solution. A musician friend recently put me in contact with a fellow called Brendan Perkins, saying that The Time Machine is his kind of thing. Judging by this photograph, I know this to be true – he really is Jeff Wayne’s right man (the surprised looking chap on Jeff Wayne’s right), being involved in the Final Arena Tours of ‘The War of the Worlds’ and helping maintain the discussion forum. Additionally, Brendan is an extraordinarily prolific musician, and I quote, “He writes music in his sleep.” – a perfect match for a slow coach like me, eh. Fortunately he’s also extremely laid back and tolerant of my glacial approach to music creation. Brendan ‘The New Accelerator’ Perkins and I are now building up momentum to break free of the confines of present day music and create something extraordinary together for The Time Machine.

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