I’ve been away, but now I’m back

Sorry to have kept you waiting for almost a year between posts. It’s the old problem of that old dragon—ulcerative colitis—stirring from his slumber again. Well after a year of avoiding stress, hospital visits, blood tests, colonoscopy, scans, drugs, lots of rest, eating well, avoiding stress—did I mention that? Well it’s important—we’ve managed put him back to sleep again. Being a sci-fi geek, I can appreciate there’s a certain kind of 1950’s, Roswell, Area 51  irony of having to go through being zapped with x-rays and butt-probed in the name of science, all that  stuff  I was so enthralled with as kid. Anyway this is not a blog on colitis, so let’s let sleeping dragons lie and get back to The Time Machine.

I’ve been focusing my finite resources on putting lyrics together. There are four songs with sung lyrics in my musical and after much head scratching I’ve finally managed to get some solid ideas down about what the songs are about and where they’re placed within the script for the narration. I have to admit lyric writing and song-craft is not my strong point. I’m much more in my element working on soundscapes, sound effects and even orchestration than pop/rock songs. In fact, to put it bluntly, I find it a real chore, spending hours, even weeks to come up with just a pitiful handful of lines. Most times I consider my time would be better spent gardening, washing the dishes, something real and of immediate value. I really do genuinely struggle to justify the time eaten up to write a few words for a song.

Despite my internal struggle I have penned lyrics for three of the songs and hope to get the final song together within the coming weeks. Don’t get excited though, these are really just ghost songs, the spirits of the great songs that will be… hopefully. I know I will need help from more experienced song-smiths than myself at some point if we’re going to do this thing proper justice though. But I have to get the kernal first, that is, the seed of each song and ensure my ideas aren’t too diffuse, otherwise we end up going round and round in circles. I’m beginning to realise I can’t do all of this myself and that my job is simply to ensure the structure is there, create the framework for the musical and then employ artists who buy into what I’m attempting and will help breathe life into the whole thing.


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