The hands on the dials whirled round faster and faster…

Following on from my previous blog posting, here’s another piece of superb artwork drawn by artist Bill Nims a while ago in 2011. This was one of the original album cover ideas depicting the instrument panel of the Time Machine. The burnished brass gauges and polished deep mahogany panel on which they are mounted owe their inspiration to the gauges found on steam ships, such as the ‘Titanic’ which transported passengers across the oceans in unprecendented luxury and style over one hundred years ago. The incredible thing about this picture is that Bill drew it using just my nine year old daughters’ felt-tip pens and pastels. Nothing fancy, just kids drawing materials. We then photographed the picture with a digital camera and enhanced it using the ‘Gimp’ image manipulation program to give it more depth and richness.

You’ll have to forgive me as this post is really old news but I’ve only recently just gotten around to blogging about ‘The Time Machine’ musical—my old news but it’s new news to you. I am very fond of this drawing, although I soon began to realise that the album cover demanded something more exceptional, unique, iconic and photo-realistic—in a word, something more ‘challenging’ or perhaps ‘annoying’ for the artist to undertake. More on this in my next post. Anyway please bear with me as I play catchup over the next few posts, giving you yesterday’s news, today!

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